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Welcome to Happy Fields UK

Our secure fields are situated on the banks of the River Wye overlooking Chepstow surrounded by acres of organic pasture and ancient woodland. Located in Tutshill, walking distance from Chepstow town centre.

We have two fields available for exclusive hire. A 3.5 acre exercise field containing some woodland (Big Field) and a Puppy Paddock of just over an acre. We have 6ft high fencing above ground dug into earth banking. We have aimed to make it escape proof for our dogs so we hope it will be for yours too!

All booking slots are carefully planned so that you do not cross direct paths with another dog, there may however be one in the adjoining field. However, if you would rather have complete exclusivity then you have the option to book both fields, then that is also an option on the booking page. Our opening hours are from dawn till dusk so you can walk at a time to suit you.

Our membership programme

For the annual sum of £20 a year you can become a member of our fields which gives you a regular discount on single bookings and also access to block bookings, promotional discounts and last minute bookings. Your first membership session will be discounted by 25%.

Our Fields

Our Big Field is ideal for both reactive dogs and dogs with poor recall. Or owners who just want to walk their dog off lead with the knowledge that they won’t meet another reactive dog.

The Puppy Paddock is perfect for young dogs who need to work on getting used to being in open spaces in a safe and controlled way. Or for smaller or older dogs who want to run and sniff around but not necessarily walk too far. It is also an ideal space for any owner to focus on some training with their four legged companion.

There is CCTV installed for your safety and plenty of ‘waste disposal’ options. We do not have any agility equipment but there are some things for doggy interest and a water trough is available in both to wash and cool your pooches down.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

You make your booking online through this website. For your first booking we will email you a welcome pack with all the relevant information you need on accessing the site. There are codes on the gates, the access code is changed regularly and it will be texted to you an hour before your booking is due to start. Please keep your dog on a lead until you are safely within the field.

Do you have any play equipment for dogs?

Jessi’s Lab, Sam, has many health problems relating to him trying to do things in a rather gungho fashion and therefore injuring himself. Sam has undergone years of rehab and has multiple different therapists. For this reason we do not, and will not, have any agility equipment available. There are however lots of things to tunnel through, sniff and climb on which you would find on a normal walk so plenty to keep them entertained.


There is drinking water available for your dogs and there will be a cool down trough/paddling pool for the warmer weather.

My dog is reactive and I don’t want to encounter another dog.

If you have a reactive dog, you can book both fields to ensure privacy. Please contact us if you need help to do this.

Where are we?

Click this link to locate us – https://what3words.com/hikes.thumb.mush