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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

You make your booking online through this website. For your first booking we will email you a welcome pack with all the relevant information you need on accessing the site. There are codes on the gates, the access code is changed regularly and it will be texted to you an hour before your booking is due to start. Please keep your dog on a lead until you are safely within the field.

Where are we?

Click this link to locate us – https://what3words.com/hikes.thumb.mush

Do you have any play equipment for dogs?

Jessi’s Lab, Sam, has many health problems relating to him trying to do things in a rather gungho fashion and therefore injuring himself. Sam has undergone years of rehab and has multiple different therapists. For this reason we do not, and will not, have any agility equipment available. There are however lots of things to tunnel through, sniff and climb on which you would find on a normal walk so plenty to keep them entertained.


There is drinking water available for your dogs and there will be a cool down trough/paddling pool for the warmer weather.

How many dogs can use the site at once?

We have based the standard booking on two dogs, you can add extra dogs (up to 5 in total) as part of your booking. 


We are restricted on the number of dogs at one time in order to keep the noise levels low for our lovely neighbours. We politely request that only dogs from the same household are walked together, again in order to keep the noise level down. Please feel free to contact us with your particular details and we will see if we can accommodate. 


Why do you ask for information about my dog when booking?

So that we can monitor what demand there is. Also we would try to offer priority slots in hotter weather to certain breeds who cannot be out in the heat.

What do I do with my dog poo?

There are two options;

  1. Take it home with you
  2. Use one of our special bags to scoop and put it into our wormeries where it will be turned into wonderful compost for roses. 


Please note that failure to do either of these will result in a ban from being able to use the fields in future.

I’m a dog professional can I use your field?

We do not permit multiple dogs from different households or group classes to use the field. If you are a dog walker who would like to use the field to get to know new dogs then please contact us for specific information and pricing.

My dog is reactive and I don’t want to encounter another dog.

If you have a reactive dog, you can book both fields to ensure privacy. Please contact us if you need help to do this.

Does my Dog need to be vaccinated?

Ideally all adult dogs should be vaccinated. However, this is not a stipulation of this site for adult dogs. Your dog does however need to be healthy and show no signs of illness (vomiting, coughing or diarrhoea). If your dog has had any of these symptoms within 48 hours of when your booking is due to take place then we would ask you to please move your booking. Please contact us if you need more clarification. 


Puppies will not be able to use the fields until 2 weeks after their second vaccination for their own safety (typically 14 weeks).


We have 1ft of wire below ground and 6ft above ground to keep your lovely doggies safe. Please be aware that livestock (cattle) do graze the fields around the sites.


Although we will be inspecting and maintaining the fences regularly, holes or other damage to the fence may occur from time to time due to a number of reasons including digging by dogs or other animals, falling trees or branches, and general wear and tear. If you become aware of any issue with the state of the fencing, please let us know immediately so that we can make other users aware and so that we can fix it as soon as possible.

Children and guests

You are welcome to bring your children, but they must be supervised at all times, and you are responsible for making sure that they do not injure themselves or break any of these terms and conditions. Please be aware that the field has not been made child safe, and that certain elements may pose an additional hazard to children (non-child proof wormeries for example).


Smoking, BBQ’s & Fires ARE NOT permitted on site under any circumstance.

Adverse weather

The fields are open from dawn till dusk 365 days a year. However if we have extreme temperatures we will be contacting owners to ask them whether they wish to move their booking. In the event of extreme heat we may shut the site to protect your precious pooches. Any bookings will be fully transferable.