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Pricing & Membership

There is an option to become a member for £20 per year which will give you access to reduced rates, last minute bookings and block bookings. As well as other offers. Your first membership session will be discounted by 25%.

To become a member then choose a membership price on booking and it will add a membership payment to your first booking.

Prices are:
  • Big Field – £17 non members (£12.50 members)
  • Puppy Paddock – £6 non members (£5 members)


Prices are based on 2 dogs and then it is 50p extra per dog up to 5 dogs.

If you are a professional dog walker or trainer then please contact us to discuss.

Booking Fields

The dog walking field can be booked by appointment only using our online booking system. Each booking is exclusive use for that area which means you will be the only user present in your time slot (we recommend you shut and lock the gate behind you for safety). One hour before your booking you will receive a gate code via text message to access the field. This code is changed regularly. Please note that your time slot includes the time it take you to enter and leave the field – appointments are scheduled with a 5 minute buffer so please be aware of this. If you do come into contact with another owner please respect the previous and next user’s time and bear in mind that their dogs may be reactive and need their own space.

The booking is personal to the Hirer and may not be transferred or sublet.

Please be aware that CCTV is in operation to protect our customers and our property.

Please be aware that although your booking is private in the field you have booked, it is possible that the neighbouring dog walking field will be in use during your slot. If you have a reactive dog, you can either book both fields to ensure privacy.

Please note

The two fields share a fence however netting obscures view between the two fields. They also share a car park area, whilst appointments are scheduled to not overlap it is essentila to keep your dog on a lead until safely within your area and the gate is closed behind you.